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Library is said to be 'Knowledge Hub' of any academic institute.1 Adapting this in its true spirit, the institute offers students an array of the richer central library facilities with fully computerized easy to access system occupying around 250 sq. mts. of space. There are more than 3193 books and 1664 titles from well- known national and foreign publications covering a wide range of issues in the area of Marketing ,Finance and Human resource management studies. The institute has also subscribed to various national and  international journals, 2 magazines and well as periodicals in the area of management including general interest areas.The institute has also subscribed to reputed international e-journal namely J-gate&. Students have an easy access to these. There is also a facility of reading room within the library for all the students. The library also has internet facilities for the students and staff.

Apart from a big common library-hall serving as the reading room, the library also houses for special studies, these provided with desk and lamp for study of reference books and proceedings required for project work and home assignments. Focus on procurement of non-print learning resources including several self-learning packages has been there to inculcate learning to learn capability. The library also has a collection of video cassettes and C.D's on a variety of subjects required by management students for studies and for general development.

A) Details of Books & Journals

(i) No. of Titles 1924
(ii) No. of Volumes 3628
(iii) Total number of books 3628
(iv) No. of Journals/Foreign Journals 12 national journal 10 international journal 1 E- journal package of J-gate
(v) Number of titles of other books 642
(vi) Number of Magazines 2
(vii) The future facility of OPAC We have OPAC facility for users

B) Details of Digital Facilities

  Library Operations    NPTEL & online E -journals
  • IUP(Printed IUP Journals)

  •  E-Resources Accessing Section - multimedia Computers for Internet
  • Reading Room with 60 seats capacity
  • D S P A C E software use for institutional repository.